Gift Book – Just for today…I will love myself


Just for today…I will love myself, is a beautiful gift book that reinforces the message of self-love. Self-love is the most important love we can give ourselves.  Self-love provides healthy self-esteem and can ease mental and emotional issues. Self-love determines the quality of our life. If you know someone in need of hearing this message, then give them the gift of this book and play a part in reinforcing their positive self-talk.



This gift book, beautifully illustrated and filled with positive affirmations, is a powerful book that reinforces the message of self-love.

Affirmations can have a compelling effect on our mental and emotional well being. They have been scientifically proven to change our brains on a cellular level. The thoughts that we focus on, produce chemicals in our brain that make us feel how we are thinking.

It is therefore vitally important that we choose the right thoughts, so that we can feel good about ourselves.

This gift book acts as one long powerful affirmation. It can be read in one sitting but the idea is that it should be read regularly to have the desired effect. And believe me, you will want to read it regularly. The words are like music to the soul. You instantly feel a connection with your heart when you read them.

So, why not put it beside your bedside locker and read it to yourself every night before you go to sleep. There is no better way to get your subconscious mind working in a positive and effective way.

Insecurity and self-doubt will always play a part of it. And we will all suffer with issues of low self-esteem every now and then. That is why this book will become your best ally. It is there to remind you to keep on loving yourself and to remember how important you are.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to become our own best friend. And that starts by loving ourselves. Just one small act of kindness towards our self, can have a tremendous effect on how we feel.

I encourage everyone to begin the act of self-love.  There is no doubt that the quality of our life will improve dramatically with this one small step.

I hope that this gift book can play a part in this. So why not give yourself or someone you love this beautiful gift and help reinforce the message of self-love.

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