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Miracles happen when least expected
Often at times when our faith is tested

But hold true to all your hopes and dreams
As God’s grace is not always easily seen

Don’t ever give up on the miracles you need
Because miracles do happen when you believe

I’m so proud of you
And all that you have done
It has been an inspiration
Seeing the person you’ve become

You are a beacon of light
The hope of desires not yet begun
And I would just like to say
You are so special to everyone

You have an amazing gift
That’s so precious to us all
Though at times you can feel
You’re not talented at all

It’s time to start believing
In the wonder that you are
And stop holding back on
A talent that could soar

Be kind and gentle with yourself
Leave all harshness behind
Learn to really love yourself
Remember, you are one of a kind

Be compassionate with yourself
Alleviate your suffering mould
Be a true friend to yourself
And lighten your heavy load